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Click Value (Standard/Premium) N/A
Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) N/A
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) Varies
Paid to Sign Up N/A
PTP (Standard/Premium) N/A
Payment Processors Paypal
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) Payments are made on the 15th of each month
Minimum to Cashout $20
Upgrade Membership Price N/A
Status New
Owner Name Unknown
Country USA

WHOIS Private

General Information was created on the 25th of May 2011.

Ownership of is unknown and whois information about the domain is private: Whois.

Please note:

  • The minimum to cashout is $20.00.
  • Cashouts are made via Paypal and payments are made on the 15th of each month.
  • When joining make sure to include the domain name,, on your Trusted Senders List otherwise check your spam/junk folder. If you have any problems registering, contact Baccaraat at

What does it cost to join?

Nothing. There are no joining fees or upgrade/membership fees.

Who can join?

You must be 13 years or older in order to join As long as you have Paypal Account and come from a country that allows you to receive money via your Paypal Account you are free to join

Why am I not getting to view a lot of ads?

This is a newly launched site and was officially launched on 22 November 2011. The site targets predominantly people from the United States. People from other countries may only see a few ads at this point in time. As more advertisers are secured more adverts will available to view.

For Members

How To Earn

There are 3 daily cash prizes to be won. Winners are chosen randomly. The minimum amount to be won is $10.00. In order to be eligible for a cash prize you need to login to your account and view at least one video ad or tour/visit one website. After viewing a video ad or visiting a website you need to enter the correct captcha code to receive credit for the view or tour. The more ads you see daily the higher your chances of winning a cash prize.

 • Viewing videos:
   Ads vary between 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes long.

 • Touring websites:
   Touring or visiting a website takes 30 seconds.

Promotional Video for Users/Members

For Advertisers

If have any website or video that is related to a product, service, or website you may advertise on

There are 12 categories to choose from:
   1. Automative
   2. Clothing and Accessories
   3. Jewellery
   4. Movies and TV
   5. Music
   6. Investing
   7. Travel
   8. Electronic and Games
   9. Food and Drinks
 10. Personal Finance
 11. Money-Making
 12. Retail


Advertiser Benefits

 • Choose one of the twelve categories available and specify the demographics suitable for your ad.
 • Advertisers may submit a video (from 30 seconds to 1.5 minutes in length) or provide a link to their website for viewers to tour/visit for 30 seconds.
 • You may provide several links with your video: One link that leads directly to your website's home page, a "Buy Now" link, and an optional promotion link and code.
 • You may display promotional codes/links and/or surveys along with your video.
 • Statistics of your ad campaign/s are available as well as user ad ratings.
 • Viewers are required to type in a validation code after viewing each ad or touring a website.
 • Ads cannot be fast-fowarded.
 • You can limit the same user from seeing the same ad again.
 • Members will not be credited if a proxy is used.

Advertising Prices

You may enquire about advertising prices by sending an email to Everyone pays the same low fixed rate for video ad views and website tours.

Promotional Video for Advertisers


(1) Terms of Service
(2) FAQ
(3) Advertisers