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Bux - type of PTC website where members receive money for clicking ads. The Bux type PTC sites are popular these days because of the higher earnings, however the risque that Bux will stop paying shortly after official launch is very high. Bux websites usually pay $0.01 per member's click. Some of new Bux type websites reduce Standart members click value to 0.005-0.008 as it is difficult to work stable and pay with high click rates. Referral clicks are between $0.002 and $0.01 depending on user membership type.

The biggest problem of Bux websites, especially new ones, is that because of high click rates advertisement prices should be also high and not attractive for advertisers. That is why the click rate $0.01 is the maximum price which Bux site can afford. Those sites which provide higher rates for Standarts are mostly Scam ones.

So Bux type PTC can not survive only on advertisement income. They also offer different kinds of upgrades and sell referrals.

Currently, there are only two PTC websites which work and pay more than 1 year: Neobux.com andIncrasebux.com. New Bux sites appear almost every day, but only some of them stay more than 2-3 months. Some Buxes reduce limits of Direct refs (10-20) to encourage people to make investments and buy premiums or rent referrals to exceed the limit.


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