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Buxenger Overview

Buxenger is a free computer program intended to help users manage, monitor and view ads from all their PTC accounts at once. Buxenger makes the process of viewing ads and tracking all accounts stats easier and faster without violating any PTC websites terms. In addition, the program makes it much easier to create new accounts on different websites. At the moment Buxenger supports over 100 PTC websites.

The idea of Buxenger is similar to Buxessentials service by Buxhost but the main differences are:

• Buxenger is a sofware - it requires download and install

• Buxenger supports not only Buxhost websites

• Buxenger offers more functions (such as viewing ads, and quick registration)

Buxenger Demo Video

Buxenger affiliate program

Another unique service of Buxenger is its affiliate program. With this program users can be referred to more than 100 PTC websites at once.

This is how it works:

• You refer a user to Buxenger website using you personal link, e.g. http://buxenger.com?r=jeff

• User downloads Buxenger

• User creates new accounts on several PTC websites using Buxenger

• User becomes your referral on all these websites

Buxenger is not auto-clicker.


http://buxenger.com - Official Buxenger Website