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Owner Name BuxHost Services
Country Netherlands
Contacts support@buxhost.com
WHOIS Public

Buxhost.com overview

BuxHost.com (works since May 2009) is a hosting company dedicated to people who wants to start their own Paid to Click (PTC) business. Hosting is provided in combination with NextGen™ PTC Script, that comes along with the services. The cost of the hosting along with the script and technical support is $25 per month. All hosting packages come with 25GB of free monthly data transfer. Usage is calculated per calendar month.
Discounted price rates:

  • $59 USD per three months (21% discount)
  • $99 USD per half year (34% discount)
  • $149 USD per year (50% discount)

Websites hosted by BuxHost are fully DDoS protected by Black Lotus.
On July 12, 2009 PTCPay.com - Gen3, Gen4 script provider, announces to sue Buxhost for copyright violation and infringing international copyright laws. It was said that the owner of the buxhost site is using the GeN3 script and selling it as his own. PTCPay says that they will take steps to also notify the local authorities about this incident, as well as the federal copyright agency in the Netherlands. The host will also receive a court order demanding them to shut down all his website services. Though Buxhost.com and PTC websites using it's services are still functioning. Buxhost team claims that their script has nothing to do with the Gen3 script and was built from the ground up.

PTC sites using buxhost

Most PTC sites which use Buxhost services are operated by new, inexperienced web owners, that is why more than 90% do not stay for a long time and scam their members. All Buxhost websites look the same way (except the header design). You have no control over the database and you can not change the NextGen™ PTC script to add more features and change it's layout. The NextGen Demo

Nextgen demo.jpg

Many PTC users have refused to work with Buxhost sites as there are too much scams among them. For example it is forbidden to place topics about sites which use Buxhost in New and Stable websites sections on EMS Forum On PTC investigations blog Buxhost sites are placed to "ongoing investigation list" for at least 6 months.
We also are not going to make reviews of Buxhost websites here at BuxWiki.

Buxhost website members should be very careful with working and investing to such sites, they often promote cheap upgrades and after that stop paying.


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