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Click Value (Standard/Premium) 0.001-0.005/up to $0.011
Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) up to $0.003/up to $0.006
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) 50 +
Paid to Sign Up from $0.01
Payment Processors Payza/Paypal
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) NET 30 for first cashout. Instant for all others.
Minimum to Cashout $6.99
Upgrade Membership Price $49.99/year
Status Paying
Contacts admin@buxp.org
WHOIS Private

General information:

The domain name BuxP.org has been registered on 25-May-2008. Though website title contains "bux" word, BuxP.org is more close to Aurora PTC, as it has all features of Aurora site: low click rate for users, low advertisement prices, PTSU section etc. BuxP is the part of the pandux network, pandux website is not available now. In February 2010 they promise to release a new earning feature that potentially can earn users more money each day than some of then make in a week. This method is not revealed yet. BuxP.org team is constantly looking for people interesting in working for BuxP. Description of jobs that are vacant.

Please note:

  • You should have verified Payza/Paypal accounts to be able to receive your payment;
  • You will receive a bonus $0.05 when you join a website;
  • The payment terms for Standards are shortened to Net 30 Days for the first cashout and instant for all others. Changing your payment address will cause it to go

through manual process again.

  • There is a red link at the bottom of the Browse ads page "DO NOT CLICK THIS LINK - This link will RESET your BALANCE to ZERO! Anti-Bot Detector!", never click this link, as it is an Autoclick & Cheat Detector.
  • When you order advertisement clicks (not banners) you will receive 20% discount on your next advertising order. You will receive Coupon Code when you order advertisement and you may use it (enter the code in the field Coupon Code (Optional)) to receive discount next time.

For members

There are 4 ways of earning money at BuxP.org
Browse Ads - there are more than 50 ads for click every day, Standard users receive $0.001-0.005 per click, Premium members - up to $0.011
Browse offers - PTSU offers, cost from $0.01. Tasks - You have an option to complete member tasks or BuxP tasks. Video Offers - Watch youtube and vimeo videos.


Premium membership costs $49.99/year; $29.99/6 months; $7.99/1 month.

Referrals can only be purchased here, renting is not available: 1 Unreferred Member - $1.50; 5 Unreferred Members - $6.99; 35 Unreferred Members - $34.99.


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