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A bit of history

The buxsl.com project was born on February 2010. Starting from this date we worked hardly to write a secure and user-friendly script, make some investigations, register our company among other things and finally today we can launch the site to our future users.

The present As said, we worked hardly on our script but we need time to verify and test all of our features, that's why we are starting in BETA mode. This stage will help us fit all our features to users needs and gather information about site usage to make it faster, secure and more handy. Unfortunately advertisement viewing is disabled during this stage.

What we offer during BETA? To compensate all users who help us during this stage, just during BETA we offer you a free Pioneer membership for life. This membership includes discounts and higher referral limits. That's not all, during the BETA, we also offer fixed $20 discounts for Premium membership and 10% discounts on Premium Packs. Don't worry as Premium Membership and Premium Packs expiring dates will be updated to 1 year after BETA.

Future plans Many new features will be available day by day. We plan to fully launch approximately in one month. We remember that all our users will enjoy instant payments, no more waits, you will get your earned money in your PayPal/AlertPay accounts within seconds.

As our member you can:

Earn up to $0.02 per click you make.

Earn up to $0.02 for each referrals click.

Access detailed account and referrals statistics.

Instant Payments.

The minimum amount paid is $2.00 on the first cashout. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00

All payments will be made via AlertPay or PayPal in USD currency.


Information about the clicks

Mini-Exposure  :- $0.005 per ad view

Standard  :- $0.01 per ad view

Extended  :- $0.02 per ad view

memberships and upgrades

Pioneer  :- Only for members who registered at beta version of the buxsl. This membership is free.

Standard  :- All members register after beta version of site are by default standard members of buxsl. This membership is free.

Premium  :- This is paid upgrade of the site it will cost $90 per year.

Information about membership and upgrades benefits


Free registration, thank you: