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Direct Refs Limit (Standard/Premium) No Limit
Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.001-$0.005
Ref Click Value (Standard/Premium) 20%
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) Varies
Payment Processors account, PayPal, Amazon, Gift Cards
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) 1st of every month
Minimum to Cashout No min for Adfly transfers, $5-50 for other methods
Upgrade Membership Price NONE
Status Paying
Owner Name Ian Donovan
Country UK
Contacts Support
WHOIS Protected

General information:

CashPiggy is a GPT site that is currently in Beta Phase. Site launched November 2014 by the same team behind With this site you paid to click ads, complete offers, and play the grid game. During the beta stage cashouts will only be made to accounts. Also points earned from offers can be redeemed towards gift cards, and paypal.

CashPiggy will require you to verify your cell phone number after joining the site and personal info will be required upon registration.

In the PTC section the ads are forced focus and you can only view up to 10 ads a day.


Offer Walls:

In the offers section the offer walls include:, Wannads, SuperRewards, Matomy, WallAds and CashPiggy's own offer wall section.

CashPiggy a Scam?:

While it is a new site, it is from reliable team and the site so far is paying.

Payment Proofs:

Payment proofs can be found HERE