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Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) Earn $1 when a referral confirms their email, $2 when they complete a Paid to Sign Up offer, and $5 each time they are approved for cashout for life.
Payment Processors Check, Direct Deposit, PayPal
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) Net 15
Minimum to Cashout $25 (Must have $15 of offers completed for cashout)
Status Paying
Owner Name Tyler Derheim - Fusion Cash Inc
Country USA
Contacts Support Twitter

General information:

FusionCash is currently available to USA & Canada ONLY. This is a GPT site where you can earn money by completing offers, watching videos, listen to music, completing tasks (crowdflower), search the web, paid to click, and completing surveys. Site launched June 2005.

Referral Program:

One of the best referral programs within the GPT industry. $1 for each sign up. $2 when they complete their first offer, and $5 each time they successfully cashout.



In addition to completing offers and tasks they reward bonuses for referrals, posting proof on their forum, following them on twitter, and other activities on their forum. They actually pay you $1 each time you post your payment proof after you are paid.

Useful Tips :

PTC Section - They have a 15 cent ptc section where you can earn 15 cents daily. Which can help you reach your $15 requirement if you complete this each day. In order to unlock this page, you need to have completed a total of 5 cents from offers, surveys, or videos. Real easy to do. Video section pays mostly 1 cent per view. Note that bonuses such a DQs from surveys, or referral bonuses don't count toward this 5 cent daily requirement.

Also know that some have complained that Canadian users don't have access to the paid to click section.

Surveys, another reason why I like this site, lets say you try to attempt to take a survey, and you get one of those dreadful notices that you have screened out or been disqualified (DQ). FusionCash will pay you 1 cent for your time and for attempting to take the survey. Some of the surveys are really easy. Like watching commercials and giving your opinion about them.

Some things you should know:

In order to cashout, you must have at least $15 worth of offers completed. Which means you can't just cashout with referral earnings or bonuses.

Earning Expire in 180 days

"Once an offer or bonus has posted to a user's account, he/she must "cashout" within 180 days. After 180 days, offers and bonuses expire and are no longer eligible for payment."

FusionCash (fusioncash.net) - Is it a Scam?

For those who may ask... this site pays like clockwork. Never had any issues and they have always paid on time without delays. As always I recommend completing free offers, and stick with the easy ones when starting out on any GPT site.

Payment Proofs

Proofs can be found HERE



PTCI Facebook


FusionCash Forum