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GPT stands for Get Paid To. There are many different kind of Get Paid To websites. Some websites specialize in their members performing a single task and others you have the option to choose between various Get Paid To tasks. The tasks which GPT website propose may vary but the most popular: Paid To Click, Paid To Complete Offers, Paid To Promote, Paid To Read Emails, Paid To Surf and Search, Paid To Take Surveys, Paid To Write, Post, and Blog etc.

GPT sites get paid by offering advertising space. Companies and individuals pay GPT sites to run banner and text ads, as well as to display offers for the GPT members to complete. The more traffic a site gets, the more they can charge for their advertising space.

The difference between Bux and GPT sites is that bux sites mostly propose only Paid to click tasks, and GPT website propose various earning methods. Also, Bux sites usually have higher click rates than Paid-to-Click section of GPT websites. Advertisement is less expensive on GPT sites because of lower click rate. That is why GPT sites usually more stable than buxes.

Thus, we divide Paying Sites category (as well as New Sites and Suspect Sites categories) into subcategories, Buxes and GPT. By Buxes we mean websites with higher click rates and using mostly only paid-to-click way of earning. By GPT we mean websites with lower click rates but more ways of earning for one single person.


GPT Websites

What are GPT Sites?