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Gen3 Demo
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Gen - is a PTC websites script which was created by team. PTCPay.Com is a company that offers scripts, coding, and customization services for webmasters, and specifically, PTC website owners.

In November 2009 GeN3 1.4 version was completed and available to all customers for download. They have fixed a lot of old versions bugs and added some improvements:

  • User management.
  • Advertisement management.
  • Website flow.
  • Login page.
  • Anti-cheat.
  • SQL speed.
  • And much more.

Gen3 script use without license

Gen3 is used by many websites without any license. You can report them to PTCPay and they will be shutdown.

Gen4 version had been recently released. Please review it's description

Gen4 User demo

Gen4 Admin demo

Script Prices

Script is discontinued. GeN4 is the only one available.