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PTC Type Bux
Direct Refs Limit (Standard/Premium) unlimited
Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.01/$0.01
Ref Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.005/$0.01
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) 4+/9+
Payment Processors PayPal/AlertPay
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) Instant
Minimum to Cashout $4
Upgrade Membership Price $64.95
Status Scam
Owner Name N/A
Country United States
WHOIS Private


Site stopped paying and never returned.

Old Updates

Ifbux.com had been purchased for $8.500 by a registered company in the United States.

Here is the message regarding it on Ifbux.com forum:

I'm sure you all have noticed our recent sale on flippa, IfBux has been sold for a total of $8,500, which is plenty to pay all the great members who have earned it (you really thought I was going to scam you?). Yes, there was a lot of suspense, but I really appreciate those of you who supported ifbux, and didn't freak out and spam our forums. Your patience has paid off. Over $2000 in payouts are being sent tonight via paypal, with alertpay money waiting 2-5 days on a bank transfer.

We are being purchased by a registered company in the United States, owned by a very successful online businessman (with a long established verified business paypal in great standing). The fact that he has purchased the site for $8,500 should be evidence that he has plenty of funds, and so I see a great future for all members. I myself will be clicking along with the rest of you, once I shed this red badge to see ifbux from the other side. As part of the sale, me and Jobobalo will be sticking around to fix site bugs, and ensure a smooth and successful transaction.

General information:

Ifbux.com domain name has been created on 20 September, 2010. Ifbux.com is working from 27 September, 2010. Ifbux.com is powered by BuxYa v1.0, coded and hosted by Scarab.

BuxYa is basically the OmniBux script, with improvements to design and efficiency, and a boatload of new features. The user jobobalo was selling this script on EMS forum, after that a fellow named Scarab bought exclusive distribution rights from him. "Scarab was the designer the izyBux admin (and also tuibux admin), hired to design izybux.Scarab sold a copy buxya to the ifBux admin for $1000, and now buxya is sold at $1000 a copy. It's really expensive, I know, but Scarab paid me quite a bit of money to ensure I don't sell it cheaper." (from EMS forum). So there might be no connection between the Ifbux admin and the Izybux admin (the Izybux became a scam site and worked only 1 month), they just use the same script.

Ifbux.com is giving free Pioneer membership for 7 day more after launch.

Ifbux banner.png

The features of Ifbux.com

  • Infinite Direct Referrals for all membership types
  • Unlimited Upgrades - all upgrades at ifBux are have their expiration date set to "never".
  • Unlimited Cashouts - at ifBux, you won't have to worry about steadily raising minimums, or other cashout requirements. If you have $4, and haven't cashed out in a week, you can cashout, easy as that. IfBux pays instantly via your choice of PayPal or AlertPay.
  • Direct referral market - You can sell your direct referrals to other members or purchase referrals from other members.

Please note:

  • All prelaunch promotions will be extended for an additional 7 days!
  • 90% OFF all advertising A $5 DISCOUNT on Premium Memberships Inviting your friends to get FREE Pioneer Memberships, and $0.25 sign up bonuses.
  • Your four $0.01 per click ads are LIVE and instant cashouts are enabled

Account types characteristics and prices

The Pioneer membership

--$0.01 discount on referral renting/renewing.

--$0.25 FREE Bonus to your purchase balance.

--Pioneer tag in forums.

--50 more maximum Rented referrals than standard members.

Standard Membership

Per click: Normal Ads: $0.010
Per referral click: Normal Ads: $0.005
Ads available: 4+ each day
Direct referral limit: no limit
Rent referral limit: 200
Rent referral recycle price: $0.09
Rent waiting day: 7
Cash out between days: 7

Golden Membership

Per click: Normal Ads: $0.010
Per referral click: Normal Ads: $0.010
Ads available: 9+ each day
Direct referral limit: 60
Rent referral limit: 1000
Rent referral recycle price: $0.08
Rent waiting day: 4
Cash out between days: 4
Price: - $64.95 during beta
Your Premium Membership is yours for life, and will NEVER expire.

Premium members get additional benefits such as:

  • 5% commissions from direct referrals
  • Individual referral graphs, rental balance additions, recycling purchases, and renewing purchases
  • Your Direct Referrals get a $0.25 sign up bonus.
  • You will get a Premium tag in the forums.
  • No minimum cashout threshold.
  • Access to Premium-Only contests and promotions


BuxYa script on EMS forum