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All you ever wanted to know

Quoting the Neobux Admin:

Most of you have asked countless times about more internal data about NeoBux.
We've spent the last 4 years attempting to show the world how a proper PTC works and we hoped that those lessons would lead to the creation of many, many other successful PTCs.
We couldn't expect that and show our real data at the same time as it would not only demotivate others to build something great but it would also made potential users of those new PTCs not to join them.

Well, 4 years have passed and except for a few good approach attempts nothing else happened so we're finally going to include the most requested data in our home page. Our effort to be a working proof-of-concept ends here although all are welcomed to learn and obviously enjoy the new features scheduled in our timeline of changes.

The data you see is the result of an excellent service provided for more than 4 years which reflects not only the most amazing earning potential for users but also the best advertising solution for advertisers.

What you can find in our home page is an accurate counter that will be updated daily. While we could have included other data to it we've decided to only provide numbers that reflect what really happens and not just a running total as explained below.

So, what will you see in our home page?

  • Registered members: This is the total of registered members since day one. This will only show real members which means that every fake account (multiple, duplicated, temporary, etc.) isn't included as that would be pointless.
  • Advertisement exposures: This is total of times advertisements have been exposed to our members. The number would be a little higher but, unfortunately, we don't have data for the first year. Instead of giving you an estimate which would be incorrect we're only including values starting from the second year.
  • Paid to our members: This is the same total that we previously had in the banners. It shows only the amount withdrawn by our members. Direct purchases and current users' balances are not included as this would just be incorrect and it would make the number excessively huge.

We may add other data or change the current one in the future.


Answering a few questions made in this thread and also sent to support:

Does the Registered Members total include suspended accounts?
Yes and no. We consider a member to be someone who actually used the site and is actually a real person. Therefore, and as explained in my first post, all fake accounts (multiple, duplicated, temporary, etc.) are not included in this total.
The term "registered" means that a registration occurred belonging to an active user or not. In this case we're following all the standards about members’ counting with the exception that we're not including fake accounts.

Why is the data updated daily and not in real time?
For two simple reasons: Speed and accuracy.
Being made in real time would take quite a few resources which we believe aren't really necessary and can be used for other important things.
Another thing is the accuracy of the data shown. For example, since we don't show fake accounts in the total of the registered members, if we were to do it in real time, you'd see the counter increase and decrease when fake accounts were created and then removed in a batch.

I don't believe you because I simply want to be different. Can you prove it?
We never had to prove a thing because our action's speak for themselves. In any case, here's a screenshot of our internal Alexa statistics (yes, internal because the ones you see are completely inaccurate due to being a sub-estimate of what really happens).
In this screenshot you can see the average daily visitors and visits (both unique) and the average of daily pageviews we get (which will help you also understand the daily advertisement exposures we have). It also compares April's data to May's data where you can see an obvious increase (compare that to the inaccurate public statistics and you'll see what I've been saying all these years).


As you can see we're trying to include only real data and not redundant one. This is the reason why it was private for the first years, to help others reach higher without being hurt by us in any way.


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