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BuxWiki Team is constantly looking for new contributors and it is COMPLETELY FREE to create articles with your referral links. Creating an article about the website you work with is a chance to attract referrals and earn more.

To become a contributor just provide a user name and email in the comments below and we will send you login details. Comments are premoderated before they appear on this page and we will remove your email, so it is not publicly disclosed.

Also, you can advertise your blog for free: just place a link to your website in "References" section of an article you've created. There is only one condition: the linked page at your website really should contain some information about an article subject :)

Please follow our guidelines to write a successful article:

  • Please visit our Help page to find out how to add news and articles in a proper way.
  • Once you have created an article please do not forget to update it with new information about the website your article describes.
  • If there are any news about the subject of your article please do not hesitate to create a news page about it. Your news will be automatically placed at our main page and our Twitter and it will bring much more attention to your article. Creating a news page is described at our Help page in the "How to add news?" section.
  • If you create an article about a scam site it should be added to our 'Scam Sites' category and no referral links allowed.

Note: we have the right to edit your article if it includes incorrect or incomplete information.

Good luck!