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Mini Jobs Changes

Quoting the Neobux Admin:

Although we're paying an outstanding rate for the Mini Jobs you'll be surprised how much more we (or everyone that wants to) can pay:

Commissions from direct referrals
You'll earn 12% from the amount your direct referrals earned by completing Mini Jobs.
This commission will be calculated each 24 hours between 19:00 and 19:04 server's time.
During this period we'll calculate each and every Mini Job your direct referrals completed and that you still haven't received a commission from and from that amount we'll pay you 12%. The total of those commissions will be credited instantly every day at that time.
You'll be able to differentiate these commissions from the ones you receive from your direct referrals' purchases. The Mini Jobs commissions will appear in the commissions list as "Mini Jobs" and as "Paid" obviously.
The amount will be added directly to your main balance.
The first commissions have been credited a few minutes ago and the best part is that they're retroactive which means that the credited commissions were paid from all Mini Jobs your direct referrals completed since we've made a separate Mini Jobs section.

Bonus for completing Mini Jobs
As with almost everything we do our goal was not to earn from this but to give you everything.
Well, turns out that the Mini Jobs provider will always round every amount down which left us with an unnecessary profit which is yours by right.
Since we cannot change the way the rounding works on the provider's end we've made this pretty simple: For each $1 you earn from Mini Jobs you'll get a 12% or 24% bonus depending on your membership. For example, if you've made $80 and you're a standard member you'll be granted a $9.6 bonus. Once you complete more Mini Jobs and reach $81 you'll get $0.12 more and so on.

The rates are as follows depending on your membership:

  • Standard.PNG Earn a 12% bonus for each $1 you receive from Mini Jobs
  • Golden.PNG Earn a 24% bonus for each $1 you receive from Mini Jobs

This is a retroactive bonus which means that you'll get a bonus not only for new Mini Jobs you'll complete but also from all you've already completed. You can see the total you've earned from bonuses in your account's summary page. This total is not included in the "Mini Jobs" total.
To get the retroactive bonus just complete a single Mini Job starting from now. The following bonuses will be credited automatically to your main balance as soon as you get another $1.

This is just a reminder on how special you are to us. We're here for you and we're keeping our promise made many months ago that PTC would no longer be a place where you need to spend something but the other way around.
This is just the beginning of many special surprises you'll have.


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