News:Ironbux has decreased click rates, Error 3733X for websites using Gen4

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Jump to: navigation, search had to decrease click rates for Standard and Golden members. "Dear IronBux members, unfortunately we can`t put paypal and based of invstments made via alertpay we have to decrease click rates ( this is to can keep going with site )"

The new click rates are:

Standard: 0.006 your click; 0.002 referral click;

Golden: 0.008 your click; 0.005 referral click;

Ultimate will have 0.03 for click and 0.03 for referral click

Upgrade prices:

Golden: $55/year; $25/3 months;

Ultimate: $800/year; $240/3 months.

Error 3733X for websites using Gen4

The websites using Gen4 Script with the licence from have the following error today: "Error 3733X: Invalid API fingerprint...xxxexiting". The issue seems to happen on side as it maintains all Valid legit Licences of Gen3 + Gen4 Scripts. So if you receive such kind of error, please be patient and check the site again in some time, it should be resolved soon. The websites experiencing this issue for now are:, and some others.


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