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Owner Name MH Pillars Ltd
Country United Kingdom
Contacts Twitter

Payza is the name of an online payment wallet and money transmission service that previously operated as AlertPay.

They are currently used by several online businesses including Clixsense and Neobux.

Much of their early growth was acquired by partnering, and conducting payments, for illegal or fraudulent businesses, which reputable processors did not allow.


Payza accounts may be funded by bank wire, by linking a bank account (e.g., ACH in the U.S.), credit cards, money order or a certified check. These options vary based on geographic area. When receiving money, all funds received are added to your Payza account balance.

When to preparing to deposit funds the denomination is chosen for the destination wallet. Wallet currencies include the following:

  • U.S. dollar (USD)
  • Euro (EUR)
  • British pound sterling (GBP)
  • Canada dollar (CAD)


When funds are withdrawn, Payza supports foreign exchange conversion into any of the following currencies:


Country name Currency Symbol Notes / Alternate
Austria (AUT) Euro EUR Euros
Belgium (BEL) Euro EUR Euros
Bulgaria (BGR) Bulgarian Lev BGN Bulgariam levove, leva
Czech Republich (DZE) Czech koruna CZY Czech koruna
Cyprus (CYP) Euro EUR Euros
Denmark (DNK) Danish krone DKK Danish kroner
Estonia (Est) Euro EUR Euros
Finland (FIN) Euro EUR Euros
France (FRA) Euro EUR Euros
Germany (DEU) Euro EUR Euros
Greece (GRC) Euro EUR Euros
Hungary (HUN) Hungarian forint HUF Hungarian forints
Ireland (IRL) Euro EUR Euros
Italy (ITA) Euro EUR Euros
Lithuania (LTU) Lithuanian Litas LTL Lithuanian litai
Macedonia (MKD) Macedonian Denars MKD Macedonian denari
Netherlands (NLD) Euro EUR Euros
Norway (NOR) Norwegian krone NOK Norwegian kroner (or kronor)
Poland (POL) Polish zloty PLN Polish zlotys
Portugal (PRT) Euro EUR Euros
Slovenia (SVN) Euro EUR Euros
Spain (ESP) Euro EUR Euros
Sweden (SWE) Swedish krona SEK Swedish kronor
Switzerland (CHE) Swiss franc CHF Swiss francs
United Kingdom (GBR) British pound sterling GBP British pounds sterling

Middle East

Country name Currency Symbol Notes / Alternate


Country name Currency Symbol Notes / Alternate
South Africa (ZAF) South African rand ZAR


Country name Currency Symbol Notes / Alternate
Hong Kong (HKG) Hong Kong dollar HKD Hong Kong dollars
India (IND) Indian rupee INR Indian rupees
Singapore (SGP) Singapore dollar SGD Singapore dollars
Malaysia (MYS) Malaysian ringgit MYR

North America

Country name Currency Symbol Notes / Alternate
Canada (CAN) Canadian dollar CAD Canadian dollars
United States (USA) U.S. dollar USD U.S. dollars

Central and South America

Country name Currency Symbol Notes / Alternate


Country name Currency Symbol Notes / Alternate
Australia (AUS) Australian dollar AUD Australian dollars
New Zealand (NZL) New Zealand dollar NZD New Zealand dollars


There are no fees when sending money. Any applicable fees for money received will vary based on the account type.


Funds received through Payza can potentially be put at risk if the buyer requests a chargeback. Payza's policy is to close the account for any account holders who issue a chargeback and/or impose a $25 fee to the issuer.

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