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Payment Processors PayPal
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) 48 hrs first-->Instant
Minimum to Cashout $1
Status Closed
WHOIS Private

Headline text

Site closed and paid all pending cashouts before closure.

General information:

PrizeLive -a GPT website,officially opened on May 1,2008 and works and pay stable until now.

After completing tasks or offers you can earn points (1 point = 1 US dollar).

The minimum payout of PrizeLive is 1 point.

see it's payment Payment Proofs

Please note:

-The first payment for member from America will take up to 48 hours. All the following payments are Instant.


Game Credit Short form GC

can be earned by

-completing offers

-daily bonus from Prizebar

-Commission from Level 2 referrals

-Voting in polls that currently hold

-Reporting invalid offers

-Posting and helping members on the forum/chat

Please note: you can only convert points into GC but not vice versa.

Prize Chat GC (Game Credit) Bonuses

PrizeLiveBot will randomly chat and post messages awarding members free Game Credits and free points

Each member can win one bonus per 6 hours period.

Prize Chat Rules

All chat must be family friendly and in English.

- No rude or derogatory remarks about any other member.

- No adult discussion.

- No random / off-topic chats.

- No discussion of other related sites or any outside links.

- No posting about offers you own.

- No asking for or offering Most Popular Contest votes.

- No buying, selling, or asking for money/donations.

- No discussion related to hacking, torrents, or anything illegal.

- No asking about the sites finances or development.

- No asking for or complaining about free GC and/or Points.

- No need to ask if you can ask a question.

Each rule broken may result in a loss of GC and/or Points.


-Forum Contest(monthly)

-Most Popular Contest(monthly)

-Referral Contest(monthly)

-Offer Contest(weekly)

-YouTube Contest(monthly)