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Scam - is an attempt to defraud a person or group by gaining their confidence. In PTC business this term is very popular as most of PTC website turn into scam. In PTC world Scam means website, which gained confidence of it's members, made them work and make investments and than stopped paying.

Scam PTC signs:

  1. Website is created on Gen3 script without the license or using Buxhost script (most of websites on this script are scams);
  2. There is non professional design on the script (header, logo and other design elements);
  3. Poor spelling in website content, usually means that the admin does not care what is written in TOS, FAQ and other website docs.
  4. Difference between payment rates on the Home page in FAQ page or TOS page. Most of PTC admins just use standard TOS from PTC script they use
  5. Absence of forum where users can communicate and share payment proofs.
  6. Admin is not answering on forum and tickets and deletes negative posts from forum.
  7. Negative comments about the website in the internet on PTC related blogs and forums.
  8. PTC website has cheap domain and hosting which is working unstable.
  9. Viruses on website and in advertisements.
  10. Сontradiction between the price for click and advertisement click. For example, if the website offers you more than $0.01-0.02 per click and advertisement price is $3 per 1000 clicks website will have to pay the price difference from it's poсket. Never believe websites who offer $0.10-$1 per click, it is definitely a scam website.
  11. Payment delays, minimum payment rising, problems with Alertpay/Paypal is a sign that PTC has problems and will be closed soon.

Please feel free to add additional signs of scam PTC.

Please explore our Category:Scam Sites where we will add all PTC which will turn into scam.