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Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) 25%
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) Depends on country
Paid to Sign Up $1-$3
Payment Processors PayPa/Check/Amazon/Dwolla/Skrill
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) 1-30days
Minimum to Cashout $15
Status Paying
Owner Name SLB Marketing
Country USA
WHOIS Public

General information:

Squishycash has been created on 2007-02-13 and expires on 2012-2-13. The site still pays. They have paid out $314,431.95! And they have all over the world 1283 offers which are worth 1,485.35 and 3439 chips!
They also work with chips, Which i explain later. They are also listed as a great site on some review sites.

Earning money

There are a lot of things to do, to earn money on Squishycash. First of all you can complete offers like all other GPT sites. The Offers are split in to different categories:
Free offers:
Fill out offers (Filling in Surveys. Sort of forms)
Sign up offers (Talk for it self)
Surveys (Also talk for it self)
Daily Surveys (Surveys but then daily!)
Quizzes (Taking a quiz :))
Downloads (Download and install something)
Games (Playing games!)
Paid to click ads (Talk for him self)

And Is also one paid offer: Shopping (But something in a specific in a online store and get money)

The second thing you can do to earn money is by collecting Casino Chips. Casino chips are chips that you get by completing offers (Not all!). You can redeem them for prizes.

The last you can you, Is referring people. This is the most effective way to International people. You can earn 25% of your Referred people, And you get $1 when they complete their first offer.


They also have a lot of contests where you can win cool things! The first contest is the Montly Calender contest. Every they have a special offer! You should check it out. The contest that now is going on is The $1 Plus 20 Free Chips Promotion and the July Earnings Contest, And alot more! The first is when you complete a offer thats over $3 worth, You get $1+ when they accept you. The second is the best 25people who earn the most money get a special price!