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What is BuxWiki.com?

BuxWiki is an encyclopedia of online earning websites where you can find the detailed information about the website which you work on or which you plan join to. BuxWiki is also created to keep people updated about the current state of every website which is listed on our website.

Can I add articles to BuxWiki?

Yes you can contribute to BuxWiki development by editing current articles, adding new articles and news. But before making any changes to BuxWiki please remember the following rules:

  • Please always fill in the References list with the links to the websites where you take the information from. Do not use images or text with copyrights.
  • BuxWiki is the encyclopedia so the articles should be neutral and contain only facts without your personal attitude to the topic and advertising.
  • If the topic you write about is controversial please provide all points of view you were able to find.
  • Please use the Search before you place your article, as the website you plan to write about can be already described here. In case you find out that the website had been previously described here, you can review our article and add your additional information there.
  • Please use help section of our website to find out how to add and edit information correctly.
  • Please do not use your ref links in the articles without our permission.

Can I put my ref link to the website I write the article about?

Yes you can place the link but there are several rules about it:

  • The website should be new or paying, no ref links to suspect or scam sites.
  • If you modify articles at Buxwiki and place your ref-links in other users articles the links will be deleted. If you continue placing the link without permission - you will be prohibited to contribute to BuxWiki.

If I create the article with my reflink will it stay there forever?

Ref link will stay in the article until:

  • You have a limit of direct referrals. In this case you can sell the ref link place to somebody else.