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As a registered user, contributor or advertiser at BuxWiki.com please follow terms and conditions of our Terms of Service.

  1. BuxWiki Contribution
    1. Every visitor who registered at BuxWiki and confirmed the e-mail can contribute to Buxwiki articles and news.
    2. At BuxWiki.com you can create articles about any PTC/GPT websites (which we do not have the information about) or on topics, related to PTC. Also you can edit existing articles and add news (as described in our Help section). It is absolutely free, you can even create articles and news with your referral links and leave links to your website or blog as a reference.
    3. It is forbidden to change any existing referral link without permission. In that case your account will be terminated without a warning.
    4. BuxWiki is not intended to contain articles about websites which purpose is to contain reviews of PTC, GPT, HYIP or traffic exchange websites. You may create articles about PTC, GPT, HYIP or traffic exchange websites only. But in every article you create you may add a reference to a site with a review of an article's subject, even if it is your own website (e.g., blog). Also you may create articles with description of some theoretical points about PTC industry and add them to the 'PTC Glossary' category.
    5. The articles you create should be as much objective as possible and without a personal attitude to the topic. You must not use BuxWiki as a place for advertising a PTC you work on. You are allowed to leave referral links to any website you work on, but the site description should be neutral.
    6. If you plan to advertise here, please contact us at admin@buxwiki.com
    7. Referral links are allowed only for new or paying websites, no referral links are allowed to suspect or scam sites. Please read FAQ section for more information about referral links placement rules.
    8. You are not allowed to leave your referral links in article comments or discussions. You are not allowed to leave any links at your user page or your user talk page.
    9. Please visit our Help to find out how to edit and create articles correctly. If the article does not comply with our templates it should be fixed within 24 hours after creation. If is not fixed it will be deleted.
    10. BuxWiki.com may delete Content that in sole judgment of BuxWiki.com violates our Terms of Service.
  2. Copyrighted Materials
    1. BuxWiki.com does not claim any copyrights to the materials you post to our encyclopedia. However, by posting any content here you hereby grant to BuxWiki.com a limited non-exclusive right to edit the information posted by you if it does not clear enough or is not full.
    2. This right is required for proper and legal operation of BuxWiki. We are not allowed to do anything more that you would expect, e.g. it does not give us the right to distribute your content outside BuxWiki.com or sell your content to anyone. Although, we might reuse your content in different places of BuxWiki as "featured article" or "top article".
  3. Termination and Blocking
    1. BuxWiki.com reserves the right to terminate your account with BuxWiki, block or prevent your access to and use of the BuxWiki.com Service if you constantly violate our rules.
    2. Your account will be terminated without a warning in case of "vandalism": any referral link replacements and spam. It is forbidden to change any existing referral link without permission. Spam means adding of external links to non-notable or irrelevant sites (e.g. to advertise one's website), or sites that have some relationship to the subject matter, but advertise or promote in the user's interest, or text that promotes one's personal interests.
    3. We also reserve the right to block any IP address from accessing or modyfying any or all parts of the BuxWiki.com.
    4. Any user or IP address (when acting anonymously) can be blocked by administrators to prevent such a user from participating and changing the site and posting content.