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Here we describe the process of creating/editing articles and news at BuxWiki.com.

How to create a new article?

At BuxWiki.com you can create articles about any PTC websites (which we do not have the information about) or on topics, related to PTC. Also you can edit existing articles and add news. It is absolutely free, you can even create articles and news with your referral links and leave links to your website or blog as a reference.

To get the possibility to contribute to BuxWiki you need to register and confirm your e-mail.

To check if there is an article about the website you are interested at, please use our Search form at the left sidebar: enter domain name, for example Upbux.com, and check what information about the website do we have. If there is an article about PTC you look for, then you can read it and if you have some additional information, please, press "Edit" at the top of the article to add your information to the article.

If search did not show you any results and there is no page with such title or related one, you can press red link "create this page". For article creation you can use our templates which you can find here. You can open page with templates in new browser tab.

In templates list you can choose between two PTC website types: Bux and GPT. If you are not sure about the difference between Bux and GPT websites, please check our PTC Glossary to find out.

When you have choosen the type of PTC website you want to write about, press "View Source" link at the top of the chosen template page, copy the source code and paste to the article you have created. Change the template data: summary, whois info, general info, prices etc. Please always include references to the websites you take information from.

Important: you should add website to the proper category. For example if a described PTC website's type is bux and it pays (please review the last payment screenshots on website's forum), then add this website to the category Paying Buxes. To add your article to this category you should add the following line at the top of the text of your article: [[Category:Paying Buxes]]. To find out which category your website should be added to, please review existing categories and sub categories (menu "categories" at the left sidebar). If you add a website to the wrong category, we have the right to change the category to the proper one.

How to upload a website screenshot?

It is obligatory to include website screenshot when you create an article. Please make website screenshot and save it on your computer before you start creating your article. In the template which you have copied, there is a line "Image = picture_filename.png". Rename picture_filename.png to the name of a website screenshot on your computer. When you save your article ("Save page") file name will be shown as a red link in the website summary table. Press the link and you will be able to choose picture file on your computer, upload and save it.

How to add news?

If you have noticed any event in PTC websites world (on PTC websites, forums or blogs related to it) and we have not mentioned it in our news section, then you can make your contribution and add your news. To add news you need to enter in the search box the following: «News:Your news title» (without quotes, it is important) and press "Go". You will get this result: "There is no page titled «News:Your news title»" and you will be able to "create this page". So create the page, describe your news, fill in "references" and save page. Also you should add this code at the end of created news article:


It is needed for comments. Your news will be automatically added to the main page. All news which contain advertising and referral links will be deleted by our community or website administrators.

To find out more about editing articles on WikiMedia script you can read Wikipedia help page. If you read this information you will find out more about wiki text formatting, creating links, lists, tables etc. which you may need for your article.

Good Luck!

If you still have questions, please contact us at admin@buxwiki.com