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Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.00025-$0.01 / up to $0.02
Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) 10% / 50%-100%
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) 29+ / 38+
Paid to Sign Up $N/A
PTP (Standard/Premium) $N/A
Payment Processors AP / PP
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) 48 Hours
Minimum to Cashout $0.10
Upgrade Membership Price $2.5 / Month
Status Scam
Owner Name Jorge Casado Fernandez
Country Spain
Contacts Contact Us
WHOIS Public


The site disappeared for a long period of time. The forum was torn down and no word from the admin. Then all the sudden the site is back and with a new forum and all old posts were gone. Owner abandoned the site.

General information:

Domain has been created on 21th December, 2008, the script of the site is an Aurora but the earnings are similar to Bux sites, the average earnings for standard members is 6 cents daily. is owned by Jorge Casado Fernandez from Spain, designed by the GPT Designer GPSLite. the website is online since January 2009 and has 3,548, paid a total of $13274.03 since the launch.

Jorge Casado Fernandez own also several websites :,,,,,

The lastest payment we received from was in 13th November, 2010 and paid in 48 hours :

Baydefeisptc payment latest.png

Please Note:

  • The minimum cashout was $1 and will be set soon to $0.10 through Paypal
  • Alertpay will be restored as a payment in a few days.
  • Request payout from the following countries is only for upgraded members (purchase via paypal or alertpay): CHINA, HONG KONG, INDIA, INDONESIA, TAIWAN, THAILAND, VIETNAM, SINGAPORE, PHILIPPINES, MALAYSIA AND KOREA.
  • The old forum was damaged as Admin said and the new one is on

Baydefeisptc banner.gif

For members

Baydefeisptc memberships.png

For Advertisers

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Payment Proofs on Site
Payment Proofs on Forum