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Bot - (short for "robot") is a program that operates as an agent for a user or another program or simulates a human activity.

In PTC the term bot is associated with rented referrals as most of PTC admins are selling bots (fake referrals) but not a real people.

Ref-bots are programmed to not allow people to get the earnings they expect but only some predefined amount which is profitable to the PTC website system. Ref-bots mostly behave not as a real people do so you can easily find out if the system is selling bots or not.

Ref-bots characteristics?

  • Bots can click 1 ad a day, than make some break, click 2 ads on the third day etc. Real people if they join a website click or all ads or just stop clicking.
  • Bots can be very active at the beginning. But after few days total amount of clicks becomes less and less.
  • Bots are always available, PTC websites propose big referral packs from 3 to 200 and these packs are available constantly or at least several times a day. It is impossible to get that much of members without referral to sell.
  • Bots to not bring any benefit to standard members, most of gold can earn some money if they operate their bots properly.