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Site no loner online or paying.

General Information

Launched on 1st September 2010, is another profit-sharing site created by the well known and most trusted profit-sharing social networking site

Making Money with CashGopher

Basically you'll get paid for doing nothing. You are only required to download and install their software on your PC and that's all about it. This completely harmless software gathers information (no personal or identification information is collected) about your surfing habits and your location, how much time you spend on the internet, etc. It can also do some 'chores' on your computer, for example, checking if a website is available to you or performing some calculations and sending the results back. You can also occasionally see pop-under ads based on your internet activity. Finally, each day CashGopher is sharing its profit from the above activities with all the registered users.

Referral Program

They offer the option to refer other people and earn 25% of each referral's profit.

Additional Information

The cashgopher software is completely virus-free and it can not harm your computer in ANY possible way. It does NOT slow down your PC as it performs additional task only when your computer is idle. You can join here -> [1]