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Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.00005-0.01
Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) 5-100%
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) 100+
Paid to Sign Up $0.15
PTP (Standard/Premium) $0.50/ $0.80 CPM
Payment Processors AlertPay/Paypal
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) 24-72 hours
Minimum to Cashout $0.20 PP/$1.05 AP
Upgrade Membership Price $14.50 for 1 Year
Status Scam
Owner Name Tsvetomir Tsanev
WHOIS Private


Site went down and never returned. SOURCE

General information: Launch Date is 15 September, 2007. Formerly underwent change of domain as of April 2008. is a verified paying program awarded with the highly coveted Diamond Seal of Approval. Free to join with optional upgraded membership available. Available internationally. Get paid to click, read email, signup for offers, PTP and more. PTCs worth between $0.00005 and $0.01, PTR $0.0005 up to 1 cent, PTRE $0.005 paid signups worth $0.15 minimum, PTP $0.40 CPM Free Members and up to $0.80 for Upgraded Members. Points can be converted to ads. 1 level of referrals: 5% and up to 100% Upgraded Members. Minimum payouts: $0.20 for Verified PayPal Members and $1.05 for Verified AlertPay Members. Runs on AuroraGPT scripts. Support forum for members queries.

Payment Proofs

Please note -- Members will be paid via PayPal, AlertPay & Liberty Reserve. Dj-Clix will pay members when their balance reaches the minimum payout rate set by Dj-Clix. Which is $0.20 for Basic Members, NO-MINIMUM for Premium/Upgraded Members. Once the member has reached payout they may request payment limited to 1 per week. PayPal and AlertPay payouts are processed via masspay, so no fees would occur for the members by PayPal/AlertPay. All payout requests will be processed 24-48 hours after being requested.

How to avoid account termination?

  • Each member that wants to be paid by Dj-Clix Network sites must be VERIFIED with PayPal or AlertPay.
  • UnVERIFIED PayPal/AlertPay MEMBERS: If you have an UnVerified PayPal/AlertPay account, you will only be able to redeem site earnings for advertising. So, Verify your PayPal/AlertPay Account!
  • We do not allow that one person has multiple accounts.
  • We do not allow members using Proxy.
  • We do not allow members using auto-click programs.
  • As a member, you need to have everything in your profile filled out correctly. Any member who has missing information or inaccurate information will be deleted without notice.

For Members

Paid to Click Ads

Paid to Click Ads are the low cost per click advertising option that most advertisers use. You can earn $0.00005 per ad viewed up to $0.01 per ad viewed. You also make money instantaneously if a member you referred to this program earns money.

Paid to Read Ads

Paid to Reads Ads are a slightly more expensive advertising form that allows you to make more money than the Paid to Click ads. You can earn $0.0005 to $0.01 per click. The difference between the Paid to Read Ads and the Paid to Click ads is that the Paid to Read Ads will open a new tab in your browser that includes a message from the advertiser. You also make money instantaneously if a member you referred to this program earns money.

Paid To Read Emails

Read emails and view websites for cash. You can earn By clicking on the Paid to Read Emails, you\'re automatically eligible to earn $0.005 per ad viewed and up! You also make money instantaneously if a member you referred to this program earns money. View your Account Preferences to opt-in for receiving paid emails.

Signup Offers

Signup Offers allow advertiser to receive guaranteed signups from Members. You can earn $0.15 per signup complete or more. Simply click on an add you want to complete, then click the Complete This Offer button to view the website to join. After joining the website, copy and paste the Confirmation Email or your username that you used to signup into the Proof box and click submit.

Paid To Promote

The Easiest Way to Earn Money On the Net. The following is a list of sites that are approved to promote

Pay To Promote TERMS:

1. You will only be PTP credited for displaying your PTP link.

2. The Paid To Promote is an additional feature to the You must be Active in the PTC to use the PTP feature. If you are caught abusing the PTP your PTP will be suspended and your account is at risk of deletion. You may NOT just run the PTP link and cash out! You have to have 10% other earnings vs. ptp in order to be paid. Other earnings will include everything except downline earnings. So if you have $1.00 in PTP earnings you must have at least 10 cents in earnings per cash out. If you request payout and have not met the 10% requirement, your request will be canceled. If you request again and still don't have the required clicks will be cancelled 3 times is considered cheating and will result in your account being terminated (NO EXCEPTIONS)

3. Your PTP Link must NOT be advertised in any other PTP Rotators(PTP Ads) and Auto Surf Sites! Your PTP Page are NOT ALLOWED to be promoted in any Floating/Popup Ads, banner ads, Iframes or frames not visible at first glance, where you have to scroll down to see them. Doing so will lead to suspension of your account and loosing your PTP earnings.

4. Dont cheat! Аll incoming PTP traffic are recorded, we will catch you and you will lose all your earnings and your account. If you do not know how to use this section, ASK US how to use it, or do not use it.

Click Exchange Ads

Each Traffic Exchange credit equals 1 visitor to your website. You get 50 free Traffic Exchange Credits when you create a new account. To get more Traffic Exchange Credits you will need to surf the available Traffic Exchange sites under the Earnings area of your account. Premium Memberships are:


   Membership worth $14.50 for 1 Year. You will get the following benefits: 
   *        50% Downline Earnings
   *        $0.80 PTP CPM
   *        3% Bonus Of Referral's Purchases
   *        3 Guaranteed Signups Upon Joining
   *        1000 X-credits Monthly
   *        5000 Link Credits Upon Joining
   *        10000 X-Credits Upon Joining
   *        25000 Banner Credits Monthly
   *        25000 F. Ad Credits Monthly
   *        25000 F. Banner Credits Monthly
   *        25000 Popup Credits Upon Joining


   Membership worth $199.00 for Live Time. You will get the following benefits:
   *        100% Downline Earnings
   *        $0.80 PTP CPM
   *        5% Bonus Of Referral's Purchases
   *        50 Guaranteed Signups Upon Joining
   *        500 Popup Credits Weekly
   *        2000 X-Credits Monthly
   *        5000 F. Ad Credits Weekly
   *        5000 Banner Credits Weekly
   *        5000 F. Banner Credits Weekly
   *        100000 Link Credits Upon Joining
   *        3 x 3 Points PTC unlimited clicks
   *        1 x Unlimited Banner Impressions Advertising 468x60 format


   One-time membership fee of just $99.00 and you will get a huge amount of lifetime traffic.
   You will get the following benefits:
   *        50% Downline Earnings
   *        $0.80 PTP CPM
   *        5% Bonus Of Referral's Purchases
   *        5000 X-Credits Monthly
   *        5000 X-Credits Upon Joining
   *        5000 Popup Credits Monthly
   *        5000 Popup Credits Upon Joining
   *        10000 F. Ad Credits Monthly
   *        10000 Banner Credits Monthly
   *        10000 F. Banner Credits Monthly
   *        50000 Link Credits Upon Joining
   *        100000 F. Ad Credits Upon Joiningt
   *        100000 Banner Credits Upon Joining
   *        100000 F. Banner Credits Upon Joining
   *        1 x 3 Points PTC unlimited clicks

For Advertisers

  • Link Ad Hits - $2.00 - 10000
  • Guaranteed Signups - $1.50 - 5
  • X-Credits - $2.00 - 10000
  • Paid Email Hits - $25.00 - 2500
  • Paid To Read Hits - $1.50 - 1000
  • Featured Ad Views - $2 - 20000
  • Banner Ad Views 468x60 - $2 - 20000
  • Featured Banner Ad Views 180x100 - $2 - 20000
  • Featured Link Rotation - $2.5 - 1 month


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