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Downline Earnings 1st level referrals - 3%
Investment terms 5-40 Days
Profit Percentage 115% - 280%
Min/Max investments $10 minimum / $100000
Premature closing fee: 0%
Payment Processors Alertpay

Liberty Reserve

Perfect Money

Payment Terms Instant-48Hours Payments
Minimum to Cashout No minimum
Status SCAM
Owner Name George Santee
Country Australia
WHOIS Private

Current situation

The site is making selective payments and majority are not getting paid. Nearly every monitor has marked them as "Not Paying". So, Earnosphere has been moved to the Scam List and all banners and ref. links removed.


General information:

Earnosphere domain name has been created on 6-1-2011, And they expires on 6-1-2012.
Earnosphere has a SSL protection which expires on 9-1-2012.

About the Company:

Earnosphere Is not a ordinary company, But they take care for the members 24/7.
They are a professional team, and they know how everything works in this business. They always say: Money makes money. Most of the hyip are like this.
What Earnosphere says about there company:

Mission of EarnoSphere is placed in to make their clients financially independent. People need to feel good earnings, permanent income and understand that working together with our company is very profitable. That's why we make so that our specialists are always cared about the profit of our clients. In what our users can build their own business with our company.

How they work:

First of all, You invest in us your money. Next, we give them under our guidance of professional agents. Our traders are trading on international foreign exchange markets and get good profits from the sale or purchase. After that, we give you your own money but with the percentage selected for a specific financial plan and take away a small portion of myself. You haven't fear, your money is in safe hands. If you wish, we will provide full protection and anonymity. Also get a lot of bonuses and various stock and any information about the state of the financial market at the moment

Investment Plans

Earnosphere has 4 investment plans:

Simple plan
Min Deposit: $10
Max Deposit: $5000
Investment Period: 5days
Fees: 0% (Iam not sure!!!)
Total % back: 115%

Advanced plan
Min Deposit: $20
Max Deposit: $10000
Investment Period: 10days
Fees: 0% (Iam not sure!!!)
Total % back: 135%

Professional plan
Min Deposit: $30
Max Deposit: $30000
Investment Period: 20days
Fees: 0% (Iam not sure!!!)
Total % back: 180%

Expert plan
Min Deposit: $100
Max Deposit: $100000
Investment Period: 40days
Fees: 0% (Iam not sure!!!)
Total % back: 280%

You can start with the Simple plan and then go higher everytime :)

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