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Elite Alliance - elitealliance.net
Downline earnings 10%
Investment terms 1 week - 2 months
Profit Percentage 111% - 260%
Min/Max investments $10 minimum / No max. limit
Payment Processors Alertpay, LR, PM, ST Pay
Payment Terms 24-48 business hours
Minimum to Cashout $10
Status SCAM (Not Paying)
Owner Name Leon Reiter (Elite Group S.A.)

Alex Reiter (Co-owner)

Country Panama
Contacts +507.8366012


WHOIS Public

Current situation

Site is not paying within its terms. Some are getting paid which somewhat proves that they are making selective payments. Hence, moved to the Scam List.

General information:

Elite Alliance domain name has been created on 27th November, 2010 and is registered for 3 years and the expiration date is 27th November, 2013. Elite Alliance is hosted on a dedicated server and all sub-pages within the site is SSL secured.

You can not join Elite Alliance by yourself . An invitation from active member is needed in order to join the club. If you are interested in joining the program.

Elite Alliance Wealth Club is a European private investment pool, open to anyone with a desire to achieve financial independence. This passive income opportunity gives unexperienced traders or first-time investors the ability to succeed online without risk of losing money in HYIP scams or due to lack of knowledge in Forex trading.

Elite Alliance has been officially registered in the Republic of Panama as Elite Group S.A. (Reg: 423233) since 2002.

Investment business of Elite Group S.A. is based on the financial religion aimed at achieving success in trading on the FOREX and commodity markets. Financial transactions in these economic spheres are conducted because of their close connection in terms of capital management model, since society throughout its world history has always been interested either in products or money. While products are in demand during economic upswings, money is in demand during recessions in the world markets as a way to preserve assets. Following this theory, Elite Group S.A. has created investment funds for investing assets in currency pairs on the Forex market and trading in futures and options on precious metals, oil and gas on the commodity exchanges.

Initially, Elite Group was created as an investment project for 36 members of one of the European private clubs for the wealthy, located in Vienna (Austria). In 2002, investment funds were successfully formed on the basis of assets invested by club members. Since Elite Group worked only with a limited number of wealthy people, by 2003 the company had developed a professional team that stuck to a strict privacy policy and made sure there were no outside investors participating in the project. In the first 4 years of its work, the investment project of Elite Group brought more than 150% a year to its investors and soon it began to attract interest even of non-members of the club.

Thanks to large assets and predictable behavior of a limited number of investors, for more than 5 years, Elite Group has managed to work with high-wealth people, including politicians and businessmen from Eastern and Western Europe, and guarantee a stable profit on top of that.

However, beginning in 2008, information about more than 5 years of success began to spread rapidly by word of mouth. We received multiple proposals from those who wanted to become an investor and invest decent funds in project development. In September, 2010, we held a meeting of fund members on the expansion of Elite Group business and its client base. A vast majority of 36 regular customers voted to join new investors to the company and increase the amount of assets in the investment portfolio of each fund, which meant a probable increase in profits for all investors.

After the September 2010, the investment project "Elite Alliance Wealth Club" became open, and on October 26th, exactly one month after the 8-year Elite Group anniversary, the project was represented by the company on the Internet. We added the opportunity to make investments with electronic currencies that can be immediately converted to funds of brokerage accounts. Soon after being credited to company's accounts, these funds are transferred in traders' trust.

At first the site worked in the closed mode, so that investors could manage their accounts online. But as the information spreads very quickly over the Internet, after a month of work, analysts concluded that if all applications for investments in funds were met, the resulting amount would exceed 50% of all assets already invested in the company. That's why on November 27th, 2010 it was decided to launch a separate website interface, which would become available for all online investors who wanted to invest money in Elite Alliance funds.

As of today, Elite Alliance is a self-sufficient investment project with formed assets, the amount of which allows implementing the independent investment policy and stable trading transactions for established company clients. We always welcome new members, especially if you are an experienced investor who understands that a successful investment business on today's financial markets is possible only with major assets being involved. Think about your future, as did the first 36 company members, who reached success and financial well-being together with Elite Group.

Investment Plans

Elite Alliance offers it's Members four types of Investment Contracts from short-term to middle-term with fixed rates of return.

1. Weekly Fixed - 111%
Duration: 7 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 11%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
Minimum deposit is $10

2. BiWeekly Fixed - 125%
Duration: 14 calendar days
Rate of Interest: 25%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
Minimum deposit is $10

3. Monthly Fixed - 160%
Duration: 1 month
Rate of Interest: 60%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
Minimum deposit is $10

4. Bi-Monthly Fixed - 260%
Duration: 2 months
Rate of Interest: 160%
Principal Return: Upon Maturity
Minimum deposit is $10

All payments are made within 24-48 business hours after request. You also earn a 10% commission on the deposits made by the people you have referred.

Payment Proofs

Site has stopped paying members. You can read the complaints on the forums mentioned below.

Talk Gold Forum




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