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GeN4 1.0.5
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GeN - is a PTC websites script which was created by team. PTCPay.Com is a company that offers scripts, coding, and customization services for webmasters, and specifically, PTC website owners. On February 2 GeN4 become available for download. GeN4 is the next script in the GeN series and brings new functionality and security. As usual, GeN4 also comes with free support, access to special areas on PTCPay's forums, and free script updates.

Please review it's description.

GeN4 User demo

GeN4 Admin demo


GeN4 developers recently launched GeN4 Security+ (1.0.5).

What this system does: -Automated complete banning(user name, email, hostname, etc.) of anyone that even attempts to exploit your site. -Automated banning of vulnerability scanners. -Automated banning if anyone tries SQL, XSS, HTML, JavaScript, Tamper Data, or any other type of injection. -Automated banning of anyone attempting to cheat the system -Completely configurable from the admin area. -See everything the system does. You can see who the system banned, when, why, what they tried, etc.

Script Prices

Annual licence - $90 every year.

Lifetime use - $190

Ultimate License (Unlimited Sites) - $990

Available Addons

GeN4 Bot System - Bot System - $70 USD
GeN4 Installation - Script Setup - $49.00 USD