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Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.02 up to $0.08
Downline earnings (Standard/Premium) 2%
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) Unlimited
Paid to Sign Up N/A
PTP (Standard/Premium) up to $0.50 per CPM
Payment Processors Paypal
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) Every 7 days
Minimum to Cashout $3
Upgrade Membership Price $0
Status New
Owner Name Matthew Hesser
Country USA
Contacts Contact
WHOIS Public

Current Updates:

7th November : Referral signup bonus earnings amounts now vary by the country of origin of each referral. see below

General information: site is owned and operated by one of the Web's MOST Popular online marketing firms Majon International, the software is developed by Johnny Brown.

Quotes from the owner : "You can be sure that when you invest your time and efforts into ITY.IM, you will be paid! IS NOT a scam, it is a legitimate paying website! "

For Publishers:

With you'll earn cash by shortening your urls or by placing a code in your blog or forum. There are several ways to earn with
Without having a website you can earn cash by :

  1. Posting shortened url's on social networking sites, blogs or forums
  2. Refering your friends to and earn $0.20 PLUS 2% of whatever your referral earns!
  3. Win the weekly referral contest, and get additional cash prizes!
  4. Win the weekly/monthly cash prizes for overall traffic sent!

Having a web site or social related website like a blog or a forum, you can earn cash by :

  1. Adding a custom code to your website, blog and/or forum and start displaying ads! banner1.jpg

The amount you will earn will depend upon how much traffic you send and the country of origin the traffic is from. Here is an example:
If you send 1,000 visitors from the United States you will earn $1.50. If the user clicks any of the text ads in the frame bar you will earn $.05 per click.
If a visitor clicks the link and signs up, that user will become your referral and you will earn 2% of their overall earnings!
You can earn up to $4.00 / 1000 visitors to your links, you'll find the earning rates list by country here ad earnings.png is not only a get paid to shorten urls, it's also a get paid to promote, you can earn up to $0.40 CPM for US traffic for sending visitors to your paid to promote link! PTP.png

On top of that, when someone signs up under your account you will earn (Signup Bonus) :

  • 5% of that persons base account earnings
  • $0.15 sign on bonus when they verify their email address (This bonus count only to Signups coming from USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA)
  • $0.03 sign on bonus when they verify their email address (This bonus count for the other countries)

only referrals from countries that are eligible will count toward the 10,100,1000 referral bonus system : USA, CANADA, UK, AUSTRALIA

  • When you have a total of 10 referrals you will earn a bonus of $2.00
  • When you have a total of 100 referrals you will earn a bonus of $25.00
  • When you have a total of 1000 referrals you will earn a bonus of $300.00 banner2.gif

You own a website or blog? You have a phpBB,Vbulliten forum ? You have a wordpress blog? Get the code and monetize them with ! You'll find also ready made plugins for wordpress, PHPBB and more. getcode.png

Currently is paying by Paypal. Every 7 days the system will automatically pay all members with balances over $3.00 that have "AutoPay" enabled on their account OR have no campaigns added. banner3.gif

Another feature of is the adframe which is a frame that loads at the bottom of the page on all LANDING PAGES. The AD FRAME is displayed on the bottom of the landing page. This is the page after a web surfer visits a short url and once they click the "skip ad" button, then after viewing the interstitial ad they are taken to the "landing page". On the landing page there is a frame at the bottom of the page that you can control. You may add your own ads, javascript, banner ads or other custom code in that area to further monetize your website. adframe.png

Suggested uses:

  1. Add banner exchanges
  2. Add your own ad OR ad rotators
  3. Add a stats tracker
  4. Custom javascript code is allowed.

For Advertisers:

Quote from :
Are you looking for high-quality, high-impact web traffic that originates from Twitter(tm), Facebook(tm), Youtube(tm) and other major social networking websites as well as blogs?
We are extremely confident in our product & platform here at We know that we provide some truly innovative features for our advertisers, ones that you rarely find in any other ad networks on the internet.

Completely transparent ad tracking : View where all of your visitors are coming from (REFERRER/GEO LOCATION) by day, month and overall tracking for EACH campaign.
Block unwanted traffic! : Block traffic from websites that you don't like or that you feel do not meet your conversion requirements!
Request traffic audit! : Unsure about the traffic being sent from a certain domain? No problem. Submit that domain for an audit by our professional development team at advertising rates.png

More Key Advertiser Features :

  • Add unlimited campaigns
  • Control ad delivery speed
  • Geo-Target by country
  • Target by Keyword (Contextual Targeting)
  • Priority delivery available
  • Block Unwanted Traffic / Referring Domains
  • Request traffic audit
  • Deposit funds in the amount you want.

Current Media Types:

  • Interstitial Ads (CPM MODEL/Cost per 1,000)
  • Text Ads (CPC MODEL/Cost per 1,000)


What does CPM mean?
The term "CPM" means "Cost Per Thousand", and is used in calculating advertising payments. Let's say you want to purchase an opt-in mailing list containing 100,000 subscribers, and the cost of that list is $500.00. The CPM Rate for that list, or cost per 1,000 subscribers, would be $5.00, and this is typically displayed as $5.00 CPM.

What does CPC mean?
CPC = Cost Per Click-Through cpc example.png
CPC means the fee charged to an advertiser each time a visitor to a webpage clicks upon the advertisement displayed. A click on an advertisement is also known as an “ad click.” takes a commission from each ad click and passes on a percentage of the proceeds to the webmaster, who receives it as revenue. It must be noted that cost per click is different than “page views” or PV, which registers how many visits a particular webpage receives, regardless of whether an advertisement has been clicked or not.

What is geo targeting/geo-targeting?
Geo Targeting means that you have the ability to target a specific area or region on planet earth. Generally geo-targeting refers to the ability to target areas such as countries, cities, states, zip codes etc.

What is an Interstitial Ad?
An interstitial ad is a full web page ad that appears before the visitor arrives at the actual destination webpage:
Visitor -> Ad -> Webpage
You put the interstitial serving code in the target page A. When visitors come to page A, they will see a full-page with your ad or an advertised website before they continue to see the target page A.

What is CPM delivery cap?
This feature will allow you to limit how many times your interstitial ads (per campaign) can be displayed per hour. This will allow you to control your ad delivery speed and help manage your advertising budget.
If your campaign is being displayed very quickly and you wish to slow it down to a more acceptable level, you can do so by setting the CPM delivery cap rate.

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