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PTC Type Bux
Direct Refs Limit (Standard/Premium) 40/600
Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.01/$0.01
Ref Click Value (Standard/Premium) $0.004/$0.105
Number of Ads (Standard/Premium) 4+/8+
Payment Processors Paypal/Alertpay/Liberty Reserve/Perfect Money
Payment Terms (Standard/Premium) Instant
Minimum to Cashout $2/$4/$6/$8/$10
Upgrade Membership Price From $20
Status Scam
Owner Name Kervyn Bloemberg
Country United States/Holland
Contacts Contact
WHOIS Public

Current situation

Site stopped paying, moved to Scam list

General information:

Mindbux is officialy launched at 07 february 2011. And On 5 may 2011 they started to help Buximple with moderating the forums.

Mindbux accept Liberty reserve, PayPal, AlertPay and Perfect Money.

  • Mindbux.com accept Liberty reserve, PayPal, AlertPay and Perfect Money.
  • The minimum payout is $2. The amount will increase with $2 everytime till you reach $10.
  • The payout is always instant!

Account types and the prices

Mindbux Upgrade Account.png

Paid to click ads

$2 for 500 Credits
$5 for 1000 Credits
$10 for 2000 Credits
$20 for 5000 Credits
$50 for 15000 Credits
$100 for 50000 Credits

Paid to sign up offers

$3 for 20 Sign-Ups
$7 for 50 Sign-Ups
$13 for 100 Sign-Ups
$60 for 500 Sign-Ups
$90 for 1000 Sign-Ups
$380 for 5000 Sign-Ups

Banner Advertisement

$5 for 100000 Views
$10 for 200000 Views
$20 for 400000 Views
$40 for 800000 Views


I never saw any articles about referrals, So i thought lets make this a special one!
Most people claim that one this site, the referrals click so much that they get a avg of 3!!!!
The prices of the referrals:
Mindbux Ref Prices.png
The referrals are quite cheap for that much you can earn with.
So if we do some math:(for standard)
0.81/3=0.27 (The prices for one referral)
0.27/0.004(Click value)= 67.5.
67.5/4= 16days. You need to wait 16days to get that amount back (If they are active)

Now we do the math for a upgraded member (Golden):
0.25(Prices of a ref)/0.01=25
25/4=6.25 (7days)
Only 7days and then you have your amount back!!!! Isnt that amazing?

Payment Proofs

I will post my payment proof soon!
But if you want to look around for some more, Check the Forums.