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AdAlert for Chrome 21

Quoting the Neobux Admin:

Upon the release of Chrome 21 new rules have been defined by Google regarding how extensions can be installed in Chrome.
Basically extensions need to be verified by Google and added to the Chrome's Web Store.

AdAlert has now been verified and added to the Chrome's Web Store. If you're using a version of AdAlert lower than 1.91 you need to remove AdAlert from Chrome and install the new one. While the previous one still works it won't get new updates, only the one in the Web Store will. Don't keep both versions running simultaneously as it might be seen as a hack.

This process is only required for users that are using AdAlert with Chrome and that have AdAlert v1.90 or lower. Users with other browsers or with AdAlert v1.91 or higher can disregard this message.

The process is quite simple:

  • STEP 1: Remove the current AdAlert:
     Right click on AdAlert's icon in the browser's toolbar and select "Remove from Chrome".

  • STEP 2: Install the new AdAlert:
     Go to the AdAlert download page and click the Chrome's icon and follow the instructions.
     Alternatively you can also download it directly from Chrome's Web Store (click here).

If you have any doubt or issue just let us know.


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