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Mini Job notifications on AdAlert

Quoting the Neobux Admin:

AdAlert got bigger!
Not in size because here size does matter but it got bigger with the addition of an important new feature.

Our members have earned a lot by doing Mini Jobs without clicking less ads than before and many of those users were asking for a way to get notified about new Mini Jobs without using the "Offers" button. This was a repeated request and since we always listen to what our members want and since we're the biggest channel providing Mini Jobs, we did our best to make it happen in a way which will benefit everyone.

Our unique browser extension was designed to notify users about new advertisements and at the same time to provide fast access to all the basic pages. All the internal tests made showed that not only the users will work and earn more from the Mini Jobs but their clicking activity will be affected in a positive way as well. Those results were the green light for us to enhance AdAlert and add one more function to it that will be exclusive: A way to get notifications for Mini Jobs.

Based on your browser settings AdAlert will be updated automatically and if it’s not, the only thing you need to do to get this new feature is to use the latest version of AdAlert. Many of you should already have this new version installed by now.

How it works:
It works in a very simple fast and reliable way. A check every few minutes for new Mini jobs will be made and the total number of available advertisements and Mini jobs will be always displayed on AdAlert. To see the exact number of the available Mini Jobs, just click the AdAlert and look at the small black notification. The sound notification and / or visual notifications will work only if there are no Mini Jobs and no new advertisements and a new one becomes available.

New settings in the personal settings page:

  • Show Mini Jobs = Select "Yes" if you want AdAlert to inform you about the available Mini Jobs. Select "No" to disable those notifications.
  • Minimum Availability: Select the minimum number of available tasks that a Mini Job should have to be displayed by AdAlert.

Many Mini Jobs will continue to show as available when there are just a few tasks available. That's why the "Minimum availability" option will help you get only the notifications you need. The default setting was set to 100 since below that it may be misleading. You're free to select the amount you feel more comfortable with.

Since all notifications for Mini Jobs come directly from CrowdFlower, AdAlert will need to access another site other than NeoBux which is why some (especially those who use Chrome) will get a notification that AdAlert needs to access more sites. Nothing to worry about since this is just a warning for your information.

With this new implementation AdAlert will reinforce its status as the ultimate tool that users must have to increase their earnings in an exponential way and for those who love Mini Jobs regardless if they complete hundreds or just a few daily will find this to be a tool that they can't live without.

AdAlert will be very special this year. Stay tuned for more!


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