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Privacy Policy update for GDPR

Date Retrieved: 2018/05/24 at 13:58

Quoting the Neobux Admin:

Today we're introducing a revised Privacy Policy to comply with the European's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will be effective worldwide in a few hours.

Nothing changes in the way we process your data or the security we offer.
We've been years ahead of this and always offered the highest standards of privacy and security, going above and beyond of what's defined in the current regulation.

The only difference now is that we need to explain our policy regarding user's rights and a few other things in a lengthier way. We tried (we really did) to keep this as short and enjoyable to read as possible, while covering all the requirements, so that all users can read it quickly and in a way that's not boring.

While this regulation is only mandatory when it comes to the personal data of users residing in Europe, we'll apply it, as we always did, to everyone.

All our members are important to us, as well as their privacy, therefore the more understanding and insight you gain in this process, the better.


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