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Dynamic Advertisement Exposure Speed

Quoting the Neobux Admin:

For a long time one of the greatest things we had was also, for a few, a terrible thing.
Advertisers do love to have their campaigns delivered as fast as possible but, for some, that speed was way too much.

One of the possible solutions we had was to add an option that could define the exposure speed from 10% to 100% in 10 steps. Although that would solve the intensity of hits per second one website could get in a single exposure that would also cause the campaign to have less success due to the fact that many users wouldn't be able to see the advertisement.

Since that solution would not only hurt our advertisers but also our users it was hard to come up with something that would bring the best to both parties and also solve intensive hits per second a website could receive.

After 7 full months of testing, enhancement, and drinking coffee to make this happen we finally did it!

Now all advertisements will have something we called "Dynamic Speed".
Although the Dynamic Speed algorithm is highly complicated we've made it so easy and so transparent for the end user that we've had it online for some time now and still no one noticed it or complained about it. This is what makes it great!

It will work in two different ways:
- The speed of the first 11 minutes of an advertisement exposure will be totally controlled, in an exponential increase from 10% to 100%. - In the remaining minutes the Dynamic Speed algorithm will perform lots of speed changes in your advertisement always considering many factors such as, but not limited to, the amount of online users that haven't seen that advertisement, the overall response and latency of the advertised website at that time, and how a speed increase or decrease would improve the exposure results. The speed will then be adapted to best possible setting. This second feature is not available in fixed advertisements for obvious reasons.

Basically this will work as a car does with an experienced driver: It will never excess the speed it was designed to handle and will take all the surrounding environment into consideration when accelerating or breaking.

In a user's perspective this will be totally unnoticeable.
In an advertiser's perpective the only thing you might notice is the gradual increase in the first minutes until you get a smooth exposure that will continue until it expires.

You may be asking a few questions now:

What do you need to do?
Nothing at all! The Dynamic Speed is available for all advertisements without a single interaction from the user and/or advertiser.

Can I change the speed?
No, you cannot. Giving a manual speed control would influence, in a bad way, the results of your campaign. We've made thousands of virtual tests, side-by-side with normal exposures, and the results weren't satisfactory at all. We then replicated some of those tests using real campaigns from our advertisers, with their consent, and their feedback confirmed our initial tests.

So there you have it: The simplest way to get the best exposure speed always protecting your advertised webpage so that you can use it without any concerns.

On top of that we've also added something that will eliminate most of the "Expired" messages a user could have when seeing an advertisement. This part is still in beta but it will drastically reduce those frustrating times.

Both these features will have enhancements as needed so that they can better each day. Nothing is perfect so we'll keep on improving them as long as we have coffee!


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