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New limits

Quoting the Neobux Admin:

Overall our users' behavior has been nothing but exceptional so we've decided to change a few limits.
These changes are meant to be permanent except if abused.

Here's the list of changes:

Terms of Service 3.10
Now users can start getting their direct referrals 15 days after registration instead of the previous 30.
The advertisement visualization limit is still set at 100 to promote activity.

'NeoCoin offers'
Not only they have been a sure hit and a profitable option to many users but we're also blessed to have those users completing their offers in a very honest way.
Being so, and starting now, all NeoCoin offers will be credited 30 days after completion instead of the previous 60 days. Previously completed offers will still be credited on the scheduled date, this change is only for new offers.

Vacation days for the Ultimate Golden Pack
Vacation days have been removed for Ultimate Golden Pack members.
This means that those members will have unlimited vacation days or, if you prefer, no need to follow rule 3.7 of our Terms of Service ever.
Previously this pack only had 30 vacation days per year and now it has no need to configure vacation days.
To reflect this change the "Golden Pack Settings" page will now be the "Rental Queue" page since that's the only current setting.''
Also, since there's no need for a vacation reset, all Ultimate Golden Pack members can now extend their pack at any time (previously they could only extend it in the last 30 days).

Hope you enjoy these wonderful changes and, if anything doesn't work as it should, please let us know.
Have a great day!


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