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Payment Processors PayPal, Dwolla, Check, Bank (ACH), Amazon, Visa Debit
Minimum to Cashout Varied
Upgrade Membership Price Free upon first order
Owner Name Mathijs de Jong
Country Amsterdam
Contacts mathijs@politiekblog.com
WHOIS Public

Points2shop is a GPT setup by Mathijs (Matjong) & Annelies (Littlerose). Points can be redeemed at Amazon for anything they sell or at Points2shop for a selection of gift cards, including XBOX Live Subscriptions or Points. As an incentive to join Points2shop will give you 250 points just for signing up.


Gaining Points

The main way to gain points on Points2shop is to complete offers and surveys. But there also are daily clicks and games, as well as a weekly lottery system and team competitions. The points gained for each can range from as little as 1 point up to 150 or more. Once you have completed an offer you are given a chance at spin to win in which you can gain lottery tickets or merits.


Points2shop also offer a team system where members can either join an existing team or create one of there own, each team can have a maximum of 5 members. Once in a team you build up your merits and donate them to your team each week, the team with the highest amount of merits accumulated that week win extra points with lesser prizes for the next 4 teams.


The merit system at Pointstoshop is used in team competitions. To gain merits you can complete offers to play spin to win or by completing quests.


The quest system is a way to accumulate more merits for your team. Quests range from getting referrals, completing a certain amount of offers or posting in the forums. Each quests prize is stepped.


       Reach 10 forum posts =  5 Merits Awarded
       Reach 25 forum posts = 10 Merits Awarded


As with many GPTs you gain mostly by refering others to join the site. Points2shop pay $0.50 for each sign up that confirms there email address and a second $0.50 if that referral completes an offer. You also gain a percentage of the points your referral gains from completing offers. If that referral goes onto refer a member there self you also gain points. Cash made from referrals can be converted into points at a 1:1 rate, this means that $1.00 can be converted into 100 points. Points2shop supply pre-made referral banners and splash pages.


Once you have some points you can spend them at Amazon. Simply look for the ASIN or ISBN number on Amazon then copy and paste it into Pointstoshop search bar. This will find the item and alert you to how many points it requires. You can then decide to add this item to your wish list, or to add it to your cart if you have enough points. You can also select the seller you wish Points2shop to buy it from if a market place seller has it cheaper.


Points2shop has several games which can be played for free or paid for using points. A free played game win nothing, but a paid for game can win you more points depending upon the initial outlay. There are several games which include racing and pyramid solitaire.