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Bux Summary/
PTC Type {{{PTC Type}}}
Direct Refs Limit
{{{Direct Refs Limit (Standard/Premium)}}}
Click Value
{{{Click Value (Standard/Premium)}}}
Ref Click Value
{{{Ref Click Value (Standard/Premium)}}}
Number of Ads
{{{Number of Ads (Standard/Premium)}}}
Payment Processors {{{Payment Processors}}}
Payment Terms
{{{Payment Terms (Standard/Premium)}}}
Minimum to Cashout {{{Minimum to Cashout}}}
Upgrade Membership Price {{{Upgrade Membership Price}}}
Status {{{Status}}}
PTC investigations ScamList
Owner Name {{{Owner Name}}}
Country {{{Country}}}
WHOIS whois
{{Bux Summary/
|Name                                  = 
|Original Name                         = 
|Image                                 = 
|PTC Type                              = 
|Direct Refs Limit (Standard/Premium)  = 
|Click Value (Standard/Premium)        = 
|Ref Click Value (Standard/Premium)    = 
|Number of Ads (Standard/Premium)      = 
|Payment Processors                    = 
|Payment Terms (Standard/Premium)      = 
|Minimum to Cashout                    = 
|Upgrade Membership Price              = 
|Status                                = 
|Owner Name                            = 
|Country                               = 
|Contacts                              = 
|WHOIS                                 = 
|ptc                                   = 
|Terms                                 = 
|Deletion                              =