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The Script

Aurora is originally an affiliate software script. On PTC websites which use such kind of script people can earn by clicking links, view ads, Paid To Signup, Click Exchange, Read Emails, Promote Aurora, Upgrade & Refer Members. Aurora script owners can enable or disable some features of the script and set prices for earnings and advertisement. So "Aurora" is a variation of GPT websites which use the aurora script.

General Definition

At BuxWiki we use the definition "aurora" in more general sense as the PTC website business model. Websites with such "aurora" model differ from Bux sites in several points:

  • low payout;
  • low click rate;
  • low advertisements prices;
  • more ways of earning.

Aurora sites attract many advertisers with low prices and they have corresponding low click rates for members. This lends to the stability of aurora sites versus bux sites, because aurora sites are generally self sufficient with advertising income alone. Referral sales and premium upgrades are not that important there.

The important part in aurora gpt sites is their PTP feature. If you are a fan of traffic exchange or an ad exchange you can have the opportunity to monetize your traffic by promoting your referral link.

Aurora websites may interest users who work without referrals, as by clicking links, completing paid-to-signup offers and reading e-mails you can reach minimum payout more quickly than on buxes, when you work alone.

The successful examples of Aurora sites are:, and many others.