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BuxWiki is the first Encyclopedia of PTC websites. PTC (paid-to-click) is one of the most popular and easy way to earn online, were you get paid to click on ads and visit websites.

  • One of our goals is to create the most up-to-date service where you can find the information about any PTC website you are interested in. You will not need to monitor all PTC websites forums to find out their news, we will do it for you.
  • Another goal is to attract visitors who will contribute to BuxWiki articles and help us to monitor the current state of PTC/GPT websites. If you have any useful information about PTC you can add articles to BuxWiki with the references to the sources you took the information from. To find out more about BuxWiki contribution - please visit BuxWiki TOS and FAQ pages. Please visit Help page to find out how to add news and articles in a proper way.
  • Finally, we provide you with the effective way of FREE advertising of your referral link to any PTC website which is currently paying. By posting new articles and placing references to your informational resources about PTC you can advertise your blogs or websites with us, for free. To know more about the advertising with BuxWiki.com please visit "For Advertisers" page.

Important: if you have any questions regarding contribution, please, leave a comment here.

If you have found some errors in articles, feel free to leave a comment. Alternatively, you may leave a comment at the contributors page and we will provide you with a BuxWiki account to edit and create articles.

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